Welcome to the Tiger Torch Ltd. website. Tiger Torch is the manufacturer and seller of the original "Tiger Torch" model propane torches, along with hoses, regulators, and related fittings. Situated in southern Alberta, Tiger Torch is renowned for its line of high quality propane torches and accessories. Propane torches are an excellent tool with numerous uses, especially during the cold winters in North America, and Tiger Torch has products that will fit your needs. We have been in business for decades, working to provide excellent products that you can have confidence in.

Tiger Torch Anniversary

June 1st 2018 was the first anniversary of the new and improved Tiger Torch. As part of this, we have made many changes and updates to our company and branding. We want to thank you for making our business such a success, and are including a letter we sent to many of our loyal customers that you can view here. Once again, thank you for your support and being one of our valued customers.

Hundreds of Applications

Torch In Action
Torch In Action

Our torches have a multitude of different applications, ranging from simple fire lighting to industrial and commercial use. For any situation, our torches are an excellent choice. Some common applications include: